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Beginner Kids Karate Classes Enrolling In August

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At Han Lee's TKD, our Kids Karate program will give your child an exciting and positive activity they will actually enjoy. We strive to provide each child with the support and guidance they need to become physically strong, but also mentally tough. We teach the fundamentals and the basic moves of Tae Kwon Do, while also building character and self-confidence.

Our highly trained and certified instructors will provide a safe environment, so each child's full potential can be reached. At Han Lee's TKD, we want every child to succeed on and off the mat, and will do anything to make that happen. At Kids Karate, your child will love the new friendships and new mentor relationships they will make after just a few short classes. We are a family at Han Lee's TKD, and want everyone to have a positive experience here.

Kids Karate Teaches Kids Self-Control & Respect

On top of teaching some of life's most important lessons, we will teach your child the powerful kicks, twists, and punches guaranteed to keep them healthy and active. Meanwhile, you get a piece of mind knowing that your child is learning Tae Kwon Do in a positive atmosphere guaranteed to give them better habits, manners, and behavior.

The list of benefits are endless. Kids Karate at Han Lee's TKD offers the best care and coaching! Below are just a few of the features and benefits your child will experience:

  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Overall better physical and mental health
  • Improved self-confidence and esteem
  • A sense of community and new friendships
  • And so much more!

Kids Martial Arts classes in Castle Rock

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